• Wendy Babcock

You Asked For It!

First, let's gush over the fact that we are at 1448 members in the Facebook group! Well done everyone!

Next, I am stoked to announce The Kindness Bucket Brigade has partnered with the Choose Kindness Campaign to get t-shirts! You asked and now you shall receive! Proceeds from the shirts will go to PACERS (National Bullying Prevention Center) and the Carl W. Nelson Animal Shelter in Mauston, WI.

This group has shown me how KIND people really are! One post that asked for prayers for a family member received over 100 comments of love, compassion and prayers! This community that we are building has proven to have some real effects on people. I have received messages and comments about how people just "feel" happier. One member said her physician even noticed her enhanced mood. If that doesn't make you swoon, I don't know what will!

Of course, having a group with a lot of people from all over the world does come with a few "bad apples." Fortunately, we have been able to spot them pretty quickly and handle them appropriately. Some people might need a gentle reminder about the rules and others have had to be banned from the group entirely. We are working hard to ensure the safety of the group. I have also changed the group's settings from "public" to "closed." People can still find and join the group, but they won't be able to see the content until they are in the group.

One of the moderators, Mechelle, has been working hard on some great instructional posts. So if you're struggling with things like turning notifications on or off, using the hashtag or tagging members, etc, you'll love her instructional posts!

The T-shirts will be available in the KINDNESS store later today for purchase. They will only be $24.

Choose Kindness and leave you imprint on the world!

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