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Updated: Sep 10, 2019

The Kindness Bucket Brigade was created with a purpose to help stop online bullying. It was created to bring kindness, compassion and understanding to those who have been the target of online bullying.

This "accidental movement" became so much more than just that! I call it an "accidental movement" because when I created the public Facebook group for The Kindness Bucket Brigade, I thought I'd get maybe 100 people to join to help spread kindness. Today is August 25, 2019 and the group was created on August 23, 2019. In just that short amount of time there are currently 703 members and that number keeps going up by the minute! My idea to create a small group of people suddenly became this overnight "accidental movement." LOL

Those who have joined the group have been sharing kindness memes, sharing stories of how acts of kindness have changed their lives, as well as sharing how they have shared kindness to help brighten someone else's life.

When I created The Kindness Bucket Brigade - my thought was that when someone saw a bullying comment or someone slingling hate, you could comment something with understanding, compassion and kindness to the person who was the target of bullying, then tag a member of the KBB group and use the hashtag #KindnessBucketBrigade so they knew why they were tagged. Their job then would be to do the same - comment with kindness, tag in another member of the group and use the hashtag and so on - creating a "brigade of kindness". There have been some bumps in the road with the idea due to closed FB groups and private profiles, but I think the idea still holds up that we can all comment with kindness and use the hashtag. What I am finding is those who use the hashtag bring awareness to other members of the group who can then also comment.

My hope is to have so many comments of compassion, understanding and kindness that it drowns out the bullying, hate, criticism and maybe enlightens at least one keyboard warrior to be nicer. You cannot fight hate with hate. But, you can overload social media with kindness! Maybe - just maybe - if we have enough members and love and kindness being spread that by some small miracle it will make even one person stop and think before they type something hurtful.

If you come across the hashtag #KindnessBucketBrigade please leave a little love and kindness too! Even if you're not sure what to say, drop a smiling emoji or hearts!

Join us on Facebook:

#kindnessbucketbrigade #kindness #compassion #stoponlinebullying

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