• Wendy Babcock

One Thousand Members and Growing!

It's Tuesday, August 27, 2019, at 9:00 a.m. (cst) and we currently have 1238 members!

When the member count hit the 990's, I started to get emotional and kept refreshing my screen as it turned from 990 to 991. Then 992....993...994...995...996...997...

I quick posted in the group that I would go LIVE when we hit 1000. I could FEEL the excitement through my phone screen - not even kidding! I, apparently, wasn't the only one who was refreshing my screen every two seconds.


OMG! It hit me! We are seriously going to hit 1000 members! It's only been 4 days since The Kindness Bucket Brigade was created!


I was in the middle of making dinner, turned the stovetop off, put the pan on the back burner, yelled something in my husband's direction of "OMG! We hit 1000! I have to go do a live!!" And off I ran to my office to do a live.

Dexter and Vinne, my dogs, followed me with excitement into the office. My emotions got the best of me and of course the tears started flowing as people jumped on the live and started commenting and sending love via the heart emoji button! So many people who run groups regularly have told me they have NEVER seen a group grow this fast...EVER! I'm still in complete shock and awe! This community - FAMILY - that we have built together is seriously helping so many people already. I'm watching the comments and statuses as they are put up about how people are being impacted by the nonstop kindness going on in the group.

With over 1200 members currently, my Facebook notification button might melt off! haha! Seriously I woke up to over 100 notifications this morning! Yikes! But its a "good" yikes! lol

I had to reach out for help with the group, so assigned a couple longterm friends to help me moderate the group. I have only had to remove like 4 posts, which is pretty amazing with all the posts and people in the group. I also created an actual "Page" for The Kindness Bucket Brigade to help people find us better as well. There are functions on pages that groups don't have and vice-versa. This way those who don't want to be in the group, can just like the page and still feel included. There are a LOT of notifications and posts going on, so some might want to follow from a distance and that is totally okay!

The Kindness Bucket Brigade bracelets are on the way. I ordered 50 not realizing the sheer magnitude of this group and how quickly it would grow. So I will be ordering more soon. I just want the first order to come in so I can see them before I order more.

Here is the color they will be. They will be a teal "debossed" silicone bracelet with KINDNESS BUCKET BRIGADE and #kindnessbucketbrigade in white.

The caption on the bracelet will be "KINDNESS BUCKET BRIGADE" Photo is only to show correct color.

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