• Wendy Babcock

Kindness For Everyone!

Good morning! We are now up to 863 members in 3.5 days! I'm continually blown away by the response to this movement!

I have ordered Kindness Bucket Brigade bracelets and those are on the way. You can get yours in the Kindness Store on this website. Due to many requests, I am also working on T-Shirts. I am teaming up with the Choose Kindness Campaign for the shirts. It's always a great idea to join forces with other movements that have a similar purpose! Let's all support one another!

Because this crazy idea has been gaining momentum with each day, I have been trying to keep up by purchasing the domain, creating this website, and just today I created it's own email address so I can get the PayPal set up for this as well to handle the bracelet and t-shirt sales. Currently it is set up through my former business, Glitter Done Fitness. So don't be too alarmed if you see this on your bank statement (though it'll look like you jointed a gym, so good job! lol)

What I'm mostly impressed with is that every single person who has joined the Kindness Bucket Brigade has done exactly what the purpose of the group is: Be Kind. Usually when you have a group of people together in any place, there is at least ONE person who has to try to ruin it for everyone else, and honestly - out of the current 863 members, they have ALL been kind, courteous and caring!

Since my main "gig" is a motivational speaker, I am in the process of creating a talk about this. This has made me acutely aware that people NEED kindness in their lives and truly want it for those around them! Perhaps this will be my 3rd book? Hmm. Ideas are whirling around my brain currently of how I can reach more people!

If you are interested, my first book called How To Sparkle Where The Sun Don't Shine (Staying Positive When Surrounded By Assholes) is availabe on Amazon. If you'd like a signed copy, they are $18 and you can contact me at to get one :)

Thanks again to every single person who has joined The Kindness Bucket Brigade and for continuing to invite your friends as well! Let's change the world with kindness!

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