• Wendy Babcock

KBB in the Reader's Digest

I'm always excited to see where our group will pop up next!

About a month ago, a friend emailed me about a reporter looking for stories about kindness. She thought The Kindness Bucket Brigade might be just what they were looking for. The reporter writes for The Reader's Digest, so of course I was excited to submit our story. However, knowing how many people write to this magazine I felt we had a pretty narrow shot at getting our group featured. But I decided, why not?

I clicked on the link from the reporter's request and wrote in about how the group started and how far we have come. It was only about 5 hours since I had submitted the story when I got the email from the reporter who loved it! He told me he would get something written up using the information I provided and let me know when it was ready.

At this point, I still couldn't believe how quickly he read my submission and got back to me. And even better was the fact that our incredible kindness group would be in the Reader's Digest!

The article must be starting to circulate because we have gotten quite a few new requests to join the group recently.

Thank you to the reporter, Corey Whelan, for sharing our story!

Click this link to read the story:

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