• Wendy Babcock

How Far We Have Come!

It's almost surreal to go back and watch the Facebook Live video from when we hit 1000 members in only 4 days. I didn't want to include the part where I "lost it" and got all choked up, but I think we all felt that emotion together, so I shut my ego up and included it. LOL

I've spoken at several schools about The Kindness Bucket Brigade and have a couple more speaking engagements coming up. I'm so impressed with the way kindness spreads when you're paying attention. What I mean is - we get into the routine of real life and forget to look for the good stuff, the feel-good stuff, the warm-fuzzy-feeling stuff. So when we are in a group that promotes kindness, random acts of kindness, paying it forward as well as helping stop cyber bullying, you almost wake up to the kindness that has been in the world around you. This kindness has been around you the whole time, but you had your head down looking at bills and worry and the bad stuff you see flash before you on social media or your TV screen. Waking up is good. Kindness is GREAT! I know for me personally, when I'm in a bad mood or feeling like I'm getting into a funk, I scroll on over to The Kindness Bucket Brigade and I start to feel lighter. I start to realize some of the little things I'm upset about or stressing over are truly just that - little things. I take a few deep breaths and let it go.

We currently have 6265 members in the group. The members are nothing short of amazing souls who want to bring more kindness to the world. You can tell by the posts in the group, the kind words in the comments, and the support and love you can palpably feel when you arrive. With that many people in one group - you'd expect drama, discord, hate, someone getting their undies in a bunch about something - but nope! Not our group! We have the kindness people on the planet in there!

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