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Become a Kindness Warrior!

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

The Kindness Bucket Brigade is excited to partner with Warrior Unchained: Live 2020!

This is a 2-day event for women where personal and professional developement help inspire focus, confidence, and growth! There is an amazing speaker line-up and fun activities throughout the two days.

Speakers will be touching on some very crucial topics such as:

  • Unchaining your inner warrior to finally live the life you deserve

  • How to change your mindset from "I am NOT" to "I AM"

  • Hear a powerful story of how art helped heal from sexual assualt

  • Learn more about self defense

  • Discuss mental health & suicide awareness

  • Explore Social Media Marketing strategies

  • Learn more about the Kindness Bucket Brigade

Last year Warrior Unchained: Live was a great success! We received rave reviews and changed many lives!

As women, there are a lot of important conversations we need to have. We want to make sure you learn how to focus your time, build your confidence, and experience growth in both your personal and professional life. You'll leave feeling renewed, refreshed, and revitalized! Plus you'll make some great new friends and have some incredible networking opportunities! (Don't forget your business cards and contact information!)

If you are a member of the Kindness Bucket Brigade, you can enjoy a $10 discount on your ticket by using promo code KINDNESS.

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