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Almost 6000 Members!

It's been a minute since I've posted a new blog post. It's been a pretty busy couple of weeks with speaking engagements. We are currently at 5932 members in the Kindness Bucket Brigade group. Pretty amazing since we still aren't at the 2 month mark since this all began!

I spoke to two groups this week about the Kindness Bucket Brigade. I had created an interactive presentation to demonstrate what a bucket brigade is and how it can be applied to social media. The kids really seemed to like doing the bucket brigade - which included buckets and candy - so of course the kids liked it LOL!

Once I taught the kids what a bucket brigade is, I had them act out the social media aspect. I had one student create a social media post - either a status or a selfie (which I used my dynamite artistic skills and drew a stick figure on the white board haha). Then I "posted" 3 comments from pretend bullies and asked the student how that made him/her feel. The response was always "bad" or "sad". Then I invited another student to come up and "post" a kind comment about the other student. Once they made a kind comment, they would high five (tag) someone else in the audience and pass the #kindnessbucketbrigade hashtag so that person could leave a kind comment. After about 10 comments, I asked the student who made the post/selfie how they felt then. The response was always, "happy!" or another great feeling. They seemed to really like this exercise.

Towards the end of the presentation, I explained what the "bystander effect" was. After I explained why people react in this way in a social situation, I asked one person to stand up. I then instructed everyone in the audience to turn and look at the person standing. The person standing was then asked how it made them feel. The response, again, was the same across the board with feeling embarrassed, awkward, shy; etc. I asked that person to sit down and talked a bit more about the idea behind The Kindness Bucket Brigade and creating an army of kindness warriors that always have your back. I then asked the same person to stand, but this time had them high five the person next to them and that person was to stand. When I asked how the initial person standing felt, the response was that they felt more confident. I then had the 2nd person high five the person next to them to have them stand. I did this until everyone in the audience was standing. When I asked the initial person how they felt then - it was "amazing!"

The thing is this...we can accomplish SO MUCH MORE if we stand up for what is right and do what is kind when we know we have others who will do the same. We have to stop being afraid to be that first person to stand up or step up. I know, for one, since starting the Kindness Bucket Brigade, I feel a lot more confident when I comment on a post and tag in a member and use the hashtag. I know there will be kindness warriors right behind me ready to post and show support and compassion. Since this movement has already been overflowing from social media to the real world - I know it'll soon make a difference to those standing up in society for what is right.

So if you are not the first person to step forward, be sure to be the 2nd or 3rd. Be willing to step up as well and show that support. It's making a huge impact on the world already!

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